Top 5 Nifty Trading Academy in India

2017 Updated List of Nifty Trading Academy India

#1 Nifty Trading Academy 

Nifty Academy is one of the leading companies in helping people to learn about the stock market, trading stocks and smart investing strategies in India.


Phone: 1800 123 6343

Address: Surat, Gujarat, India

nifty trading

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#2 Nifty Trading Education

Nifty Trading Education is the must-follow financial and share market blogger of India. The blog is initiated to help investors in gaining insight into various financial products and need of proper financial planning.



Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

#3 Market Control

Market control – A team of professional analysts are set to deliver high-quality education for trading efficiently. Common people are motivated to trade in the stock market.



Address: Mumbai, India

#4 Nifty Trading Institute

Market control – A team of professional analysts are set to deliver high-quality education for trading efficiently. Common people are motivated to trade in the stock market.


Phone: 9925391111

Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

#5 Nifty Target


Email: /

Address: Surat, Gujarat, India

Description Below:

Stock market trading is a big puzzle to many. But not for those who come to Nifty Trading Academy. If you have a passion for trading we are here to help you. We offer professional share market courses. Our technical analysis training is a dream of many students.

NTA has set an example for high-quality education in the stock market and intraday trading. The top Nifty Academy benefit is its well-designed courses. Hundreds of beginners in the market have many praises for us.

If you are interested in joining nifty trading course, you should get in touch with us using the contact us form or directly email us at

Nifty Academy Share Market Training Courses

Trading without enough knowledge of share market can be dangerous. At Nifty Academy, we believe in the beginner’s talent. We give a right direction to their dreams of making big in the stock market. Our aim is to make stock trading simple for everyone. With our simple to follow courses, we break the myth of stock markets being complex.

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No wonder, the institute is one of the best Nifty Trading Institute. It is the first of its kind to start both online and offline training in share market. The courses cover short term and long term vocational courses.

Nifty Trading Academy Course Details

1. Beginner Course

Duration – 1 Day
Timing – 6 hours


» About Technical Analyisis
» Types of charts
» Trend Analysis
» Support, Resisitance and Retracement
» Reversal Paterns
» Japanese Candle Stick
» Theory of Moving Average
» Oscillator Analysis
» Positive and Nagetive Divergance

Fees- Rs.1,499/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» Discount of 1499 for 2 months Subscription.

2. Beginner with Delivery Course

Duration – 2 Day
Timing – 12 hours Features

» Include Beginners Course
» How to Find out Delivery Calls

Fees – Rs. 5000/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» 2 Month Trading Calculator Free

3. Intraday Techniques

Duration – 4 Day
Timing – 24 hours Features

» Include Beginners with Delivery Course
» Technique for Intrday Trading

Fees – Rs. 25000/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» 1 Month Intraday Calls Service Free

4. Advance Course

Duration – 3 to 4 Months
Timing – Sunday 10am to 1pm


» Total Beginner course
» Intra Day Trading Techniques
» Brackouts Theory
» Swing Theory
» Structure for the script
» How to Look the charts
» Importance of Oscillator

Fees – Rs. 49,999/-


» 2 Month Intrday Calls Service Free

Nifty Trading Academy Broke Golden Books of World Record

We are proud to break the Golden Book of Worlds Records. The record goes to Nifty Trading for giving a free live webinar on trading in stock market. The webinar had 254 participants. It was covering training for different intraday trading strategies.

Nifty Institute is also imparting free stock market tips at NTA never speaks for itself. But the reviews from the learners and other users do speak about its achievements. The learners, beginners, and stock market experts have garnered praises to the institute. Our readers may check the reviews on our website. Do catch reviews on top platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Highlights of Nifty Trading Institute

Nifty Trading focusses on preparing professional trader. Live intraday training and offline training are the core strength of NTA.

Here are our best features in a nutshell:

  • Best place to get intraday trading tips and technical analysis skills
  • Transparent trading system
  • First of its kind for online and offline training
  • The best share market training institute for the beginners
  • Also trains traders, housewives, and other interested candidates
  • Free webinars and question-answer sessions
  • A close brush-up with use of modern day tools and technologies for trading

Our vision is to turn the stock trading from a game of chance into a well-managed professional expertise. We achieve it with our transparent trading system and valuable tips. The one time training with Nifty allow the students to earn for a life time. The beginners and traders learn to trade smartly with us. Nifty Academy has trained beginners, brokers, intraday traders, and housewives.

Nifty Trading Academy Reviews:

We feel proud to be an institute which does not need to boast about its own achievements. Because our students, brokers, and other associates have positive reviews for us. Their good words are the biggest accolades for us.

1. Reviews On Google :

2. Reviews On Facebook:

3. Reviews On YouTube:

4. Review By Clients Video:

Nifty Trading Institute’s Best Tips for Trading in Indian Stock Market

Trading in stock market is not very easy. Even seasoned traders might take wrong decisions in critical times. Once you learn the tips and rules for trading, it becomes much easier. Nifty Trading is glad to share valuable tips with the users.

  1. Form a strategy and follow it

Every trader should be prepared to face the conditions when things don’t go as predicted. Hence, before making any move, think about the results and your plan to face them.

  1. Know your Goals

Whether you are a long term runner or trading for short term gains, goals are must. A set goal will help you make aright decision and succeed in it.

  1. Well-planned methods for trading

Learn to select the stocks based on your experience and golden rules of trading. Pick the stocks that will help you to fulfil your set goals.

  1. Risk Management Mechanism

Set a specific target amount you can invest and afford to lose. This will develop your own personal risk free system. Even if you lose, you will not suffer a very heavy blow.

  1. Avoid Greed

Never act out of your greed. Do not invest more than what you can afford to lose. Hence, do not ignore rules and stop loss because of your greed to make a huge profit at once.

How to Trade in Stock Market with No Risk

Share markets are popular in spite of the risk factor. No one enters the market to take high risk. No matter how high the risk is, they trade to earn good wealth. Safe and profitable moves are always good. Fetching good profits in small amounts is preferred to huge profits with high risks.

Seasoned traders use their experience, analysis and research. But the below tips will help all to trade without being exposed to risk.

Tips for Risk Free Trading in Indian Stock Market
  • Pick productive investment tools for buying.
  • Before every move, think twice.Measure their after-effects under different market conditions.
  • Timings are important. Before investing, make sure the timings are right to make the move.

Nifty Institute has all you want to give a good start to your career as a professional trader. Be it our tips or our training, you are sure to get the help of good stock market experts.

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