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Nifty Trading Academy
Nifty Trading Academy

Are you interested in trading? Ever wondered how the stock market traders earn? If you are curious to know how to buy and trade Indian stock market, you are at the right place! Nifty Target, a leading Nifty Trading Academy helping many people by offering technical analysis training, stock market courses, intraday technique courses, stock broker courses to its high net worth clients since its inception in early 2009.

Our courses have been appreciated by many students across India who has taken the benefit of our nifty trading academy and now trading in their particular market. The courses are designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and implement. Our main aim is to give the technical knowledge to the students and help them in every possible way. At Nifty Target, we believe that every person can start stock trading and make fortunes if having right amount of knowledge. That’s the reason why we have started Nifty Trading Institute both for beginners and expert traders to succeed while trading.

If you are interested in joining nifty trading course, you should get in touch with us using the contact us form or directly email us at info@niftytarget.com

Nifty Trading Academy Courses

1. Beginner Course

Duration – 1 Day
Timing – 6 hours


» About Technical Analyisis
» Types of charts
» Trend Analysis
» Support, Resisitance and Retracement
» Reversal Paterns
» Japanese Candle Stick
» Theory of Moving Average
» Oscillator Analysis
» Positive and Nagetive Divergance

Fees- Rs.1,499/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» Discount of 1499 for 2 months Subscription.

2. Beginner with Delivery Course

Duration – 2 Day
Timing – 12 hours Features

» Include Beginners Course
» How to Find out Delivery Calls

Fees – Rs. 5000/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» 2 Month Trading Calculator Free

3. Intraday Techniques

Duration – 4 Day
Timing – 24 hours Features

» Include Beginners with Delivery Course
» Technique for Intrday Trading

Fees – Rs. 25000/-


»Only 5 to 10 Person Group
» 1 Month Intraday Calls Service Free

4. Advance Course

Duration – 3 to 4 Months
Timing – Sunday 10am to 1pm


» Total Beginner course
» Intra Day Trading Techniques
» Brackouts Theory
» Swing Theory
» Structure for the script
» How to Look the charts
» Importance of Oscillator

Fees – Rs. 49,999/-


» 2 Month Intrday Calls Service Free

Nifty Trading Academy Broke Golden Books of World Record

Golden Books of World RecordIt is proud moment for Nifty Trading Academy team to announce that we broke Golden book of world Record recently. The record was claim for conducting free live webinar on stock market Trading.

Nifty Trading Institute always believes in conducting enlightening session for traders through webinar on stock market trading. Considering the same objective this free live webinar was organized. In this webinar, 254 Participants have attended the free webinar on stock market and learned about the different strategies for Intraday Trading.

One can avail the benefit of right tips, success mantras of Intraday Trading through our free blog i.e. niftytradingacademy.net. NTA always says that we are no 1 Institute providing live Market training in India. One can check assurance of this by seeing Nifty Trading Academy Reviews on youtube and our website.

Nifty Trading Institute provides trading platform to everyone whose ultimate goal in life is to become professional trader and look for financial freedom. The USP of Nifty Trading Education is that, we are pioneer in providing live market intraday training via offline and online mode.

The trading system of NTA is very transparent and it is committed in providing trade assist service. The trading notes are also available on the website. If you are ready to turn from gamblers into Professional Traders, then step into NTA, take training once and earn for the life time.

Lastly NTA family hopes to break more such records by conducting stock market free session.  Keep Trading and Reading!

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Also Read Best Tips of Trading in Indian Stock Market by Nifty Trading Institute

Most of the people think that trading in the stock market is easy and simple, but in real

Case it is not as simple as it looks. You need to understand and learn tips before trading in the Indian Stock Market in order to earn good profit. Here are some tips on how to trade in the stock market.

Set strategy and strictly follow it

You should have best courses of action to adjust of the chance that things don’t work out as expected. So think before you make any move and measure each move.

Set Goal

A well characterized target should characterize sensible desire of come back from your capital.

Plan a methodology to pick stock

You should select the right blend of stocks, records and so on that work for you with specific end goal to accomplish targets.

Have Risk Management System

You should design the amount to hazard or the amount to lose in the initial move towards hazard administration.

Continue Trading (Price) and Investing (Value) separate:

You should continue trading with right stop loss, long haul or short term.

Also Read How to Do Risk free Investment in Stock Market

Who wants to lose their money? Everyone wants to play safe and fetch good profit. To succeed in the stock market you need to understand how securities exchange speculation functions. Here are the tips that will help you understand how to go risk free to invest in the stock market.

  • Control you money during inflation
  • Select Fruitful Investments to Purchase
  • Think Twice Before you Invest
  • Give Importance to Time