Call options give you the right to purchase the underlying shares. You can also buy index in the futures segment. Call options are reverse of the Put types of options. Put options give you the right to sell instead of purchase.

Call options are one of the options available in the markets of derivatives. Here, you can buy or sell shares in the future at a specific price. Niftytarget holds professional expertise in call and option tips. With our highly accurate tips, we have helped traders to multiply their profits. We give tips for intraday and positions calls. 3 to 4 option calls are provided in a week with a high level of 90% accuracy.

Derivatives are very safe platform in the investment market. Our best stock option tips allow you to invest safely. We use knowledge of our experienced analysts to give you best tips.We are a team of brilliant analysts who analyse the current market situation.

By purchasing the call options, you get the benefit to buy shares later. You get to benefit from the raise. We suggest you the best strategies in options to save you against the future losses. The major features of the call option are fixed price, option premium, margins, and specifics. A buy order is placed to buy a call option. The buy order should mention expiry date and strike price. It will also show the amount you want to pay for the call option. Premium is paid to the option writer.

We analyse and pick the best strategy for you to trade in options. Subscribing our services will turn out to be a good and fruitful investment. We offer attractive discount packages for subscription of higher duration. You can subscribe to our services for various duration from one month to 12 months’ time.


  • Intraday and Positional calls
  • 3 to 4 Calls Per Week

Subscribe to our services is not your expense. But it is your investment. That will give you RETURN from very next day.

Charges :

Period Fees Discount
1 Month 5000 Nil
3 Month 15000 10%
6 Month 30000 15%
12 Month 60000 25%

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