How to buy your first share? Stock market tips

Everyone gets nervous before buying their First Stock. The main attraction of trading is that people feel they can make quick money. “Trading requires a lot of discipline.” One thing you should keep in mind that profit depends on risk management.

As a beginner, you have so many questions related to How to buy your first share? And it creates confusion in your mind. In this post you will find basic tips that will help you to clear your confusion and easily you can make decisions.

Enhance your knowledge

Very Few beings really seek knowledge in this world. Knowledge is power occupy your mind. To buy your first share you need to know that you can select your first stock by doing the analysis. It can be done by 1. Technical Analysis & 2. Fundamental Analysis.


  1. Technical Analysis: To Perform technical analysis you need to learn it. Nifty Trading Academy provides different Technical Analysis course from basic level to advance level. To know more about technical analysis, you can read our post on Technical Analysis.
  2. Fundamental Analysis: This Analysis consist of the basic qualitative and quantitative information that underlies an organization or a company’s financial and economic position.

Understand Your Profile

Investing in the stock market include different risk and return. When it comes to investing first thing you should know about your personal risk profile for investing. It depends on two factors.


  • Risk Capacity – How much you can take risk per financial position.
  • Risk Attitude – The risk one is ready to take

Knowing the risk profile helps to prepare yourself mentally for accepting stop loss. The purpose behind understanding your profile is to protect your capital from huge loss.


Stay Updated with current Scenario

As an investor, it is important to stay connected with the current market situation. Every day read and watching the news is the best option to updated with the market it will help you to understand the current market condition and more about a different industry and their performance. It is one type of basic analysis that creates the basic steps to start the investment.


Searching for Companies

The Next Step in the Stock Picking Process involves finding the companies from the different sector in which you are interested. And as a beginner, it is done in simple ways – it doesn’t include any rocket science…!!


Steps for company selection:

  1. Select the sector that contributes more to the economy of the country.
  2. After that select one company from that particular sector.
  3. To select the company, you need to check few things – i.e. contribution of the Industry to that particular sector, Performance of the company based on past records, Management of the company.
  4. All this information about the company is easily available on different websites.
  5. Technical analysis is another way to select the company by analyzing the charts of the company – it is also easily available online. But, to understand technical analysis you need proper knowledge.
  6. Fundamental + Technical analysis gives the more powerful result to select the stock.

These are some basic steps that will help you to choose your first share.

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