A Civil Engineer by profession, he has been making regularly profits in the market from the last 4 years no matter what ever is the market condition. He has learned all the earning techniques of the markets on his own and believes firmly that self help is the best help. His in-depth research on market and detailed study on every script has given him handsome profits judging the market with traditional as well as modern methodologies.

With the help of Latest technology which can reach to millions of people at the lowest cost in fraction of seconds, he made his dream project a reality by establishing NIFTYTARGET.COM & Nifty Trading Institute on 15th January 2009 offering various trading courses.

If you have lots of money than you can go to Switzerland, otherwise you have to satisfy yourself to visit only Shimla or anywhere to suit your budget. We firmly believe “money is not everything but it is the only thing which drives everyone’s Dreams”.

Making money is an ART and a Learning Process. We wish everyone to be a part of this Happy Journey.

With this kind of thought we started Nifty Target. When we started we were only explaining our clients how to trade with some technical tools.

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And now we have huge Portfolio of services. Today  we provide levels , Intra day call and learn this amazing method to INTRESTED persons.

We Think Knowledge increase to serve to another that why we serve this knowledge to other person throw our learning institute.

We personally take care of every person and guide them thoroughly.