Benefits of Intraday Trading

The stock trading business is gaining popularity due to easy quick rich formula. Most of the people find it lucrative if they are able to balance the risk and reward ratio. There are different types of trading options available if you want to excel yourself in stock trading, and one of them is Intraday Trading.

Intraday trading is a type of trading where stocks are purchased and sold on the same day itself. It is like you purchase some amount of stocks of a company and sell it back to the market before the market closes.

Top 10 Benefits of Intraday Trading


You can make profit in any direction. You can opt for short selling which is not possible in the long term investing. So whether the market rise or fall you will definitely make profit.


You can trade with more amounts then the actual amount you have in your account because of the less margin availability.


You can do best and profitable trade if you have control on your ego and emotions. You need to know is when to stop.


You have to pay less brokerage for doing intraday trading. It is usually one tenth of the normal one.


You don’t have to face overnight risk because you square off the stocks before the closing of the market. So, you can enjoy the tight sleep at night.


You will get cash when you begin and cash in your hand when you end which can be used for trading the next day.


You can trade many times in a day you want. You can purchase and sell stocks twice or thrice.


You can put your money in any of the sector based on their daily performance.


You can start trading with small amount and gain experience


You can use small funds for big trades.

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